Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Time to Plan for the Next Business Wave!

Where are all the best people who are sure to become the backbone of future business growth in your company. Do they work for you now or have you been running lean to keep costs down while the market reverses. Will you have the internal resources you will need to grow market share as demand improves or will you hire new talent to help you reach your goals? Are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities that will come with a turning market? Now is the time for smart companies to have a growth plan in place and a firm handle on the human capital they will need to implement the plan. It's a great time to hire stellar candidates who would not have been accessible or available only a short time ago.

Careful hiring decisions need to be made, though, to ensure that the best available candidates get hired.There are many professional people who are "available" for hire right now, in fact, probably more now than ever before. Especially those in the 100K to 500K salary bracket. This flooding of the job market makes it very difficult for those on the hiring side to slog through the piles of resumes in an attempt to strike talent gold. To get things accomplished hiring managers usually turn to their own contacts, first, before tossing it over to internal HR and or their favorite headhunter. Displaced talent, striving to be noticed, should press on and network wider and deeper directly with headhunters and hiring decision makers so when companies seek additional talent you are on the mind of the right people and not lost in the morass of HR's digital file folder.