Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Internet for Career Management?

The Internet for Career Management.......be careful

The web is the most powerful tools available to manage your career, or ruin it, if miss-applied. It is important to sail those murky web waters while being aware of the danger in over exposing yourself along with your personal security, anonymity and confidentiality. The key is to be in control of your information and to monitor who has it and the reason it is being reviewed.

Don't Blow Your Cover!

The fastest way to “blowing your cover” as a person actively looking for a new career opportunity is to openly post your resume on web boards. Even if you are not currently employed this should be avoided. Once you have filled out the web forms, inserted your resume and clicked on the "Post" button, that information stays visible on the boards for a year or more depending on the site and if you decide to remove it, you leave a lasting resume foot print behind. Anyone willing to pay for access can buy a code to search that database and can find you. There is no customer qualifying involved, and, no mater what their true reason for doing so, anyone can pay the subscription fee and access your information. (like your boss) At Monster.com its $900 for a 2 week national peek with up to 500 page views. Imagine all the people who will know about you and your background without you being aware of it. You may as well just throw millions of photo copies of your CV from a hot air balloon over Manhattan. Sounds a bit desperate doesn't it? Remember, too, that your resume posting has an after life thanks to those who grab your information on line, save it to local computers and use it, later on, to gain access to you for legitimate and, some times, less than legitimate purposes.

Come back soon to discover some effective ways to protect your confidentiality, maintain your dignity and avoid being taken advantage of while making a powerful, positive and professional on line impression.

Live Long and Prosper!

Jeff C.

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