Friday, June 29, 2007

Tasers Mounted on Robot Vacs, NOT!

While scanning the paper this morning my wife noticed this headline,"Meet the Granddaddy of RoboCops and Terminators: Latest PackBot combines floor cleaner with stun gun" and commented that it seemed odd that a company would be putting a taser on a robotic vacuum cleaner. I said it had to be some kind of a mistake and asked if the company involved was iRobot the maker of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. She said yes and quickly passed the paper over to me to fend off any more silly questions. Sure enough, there it was, in section A, page 20 of the Arizona Republic on 6/29/2007.

For a fleeting moment I envisioned a world where intelligent, multipurpose robots patrol your home, vacuuming the carpet, watching for intruders and tazering your visiting mother-in-law and that pesky cat. How cool is that? Then I realized that it must be just another over worked, under appreciated Headline Editor who didn't read the article in which it's clear that the Taser is being mounted on iRobot's military division robotic platform, not the consumer product vacuum cleaners. Great news for cat and mother-in-law lovers everywhere.

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